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Thief steals bees from Chicago farm

CHICAGO - A Chicago beekeeper's bees are being stolen.

Why? The answer is honey and money, reports CBS Chicago.

Three beehives -- with hundreds, even thousands of bees inside -- were stolen from the McKinley Park Community Garden this month.

The station says the hives belonged to Jana Kinsman of Bike-a-Bee, an urban farming organization. She thinks the thieves knew exactly what they were doing.

Local beekeepers do, too.

Beekeeper Dan Andronic tells the station each hive weighs about 150 pounds and costs about $500. With honey going for $10 a pound right now, each hive could produce more than $1,000 worth of honey.

So why not just buy the bees?

Lidia Andronic says there's a bee shortage. That's an even bigger problem, she says, considering a great amount of food comes depends upon bee pollination.

"They are an absolute necessity for the human race to actually survive," she says.