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Thief robs pregnant store owner after small talk

CHICAGO -- A thief walked into a store and chatted with the pregnant owner before stealing her wallet and valuable jewelry, according to CBS Chicago.

Nicole Northway, owner of One Strange Bird on Chicago's west side, says a woman came into her store and started asking questions about her due date and merchandise in the store.

Northway said she then turned to accept a delivery and when she turned back the woman had disappeared -- along with Northway's wallet, $450, and wedding and engagement rings.

The $450 was a gift from her parents for her to buy a crib, Northway told the station.

The rings were custom-designed for her by her husband, and were in her wallet at the time because her fingers were swollen.

"As a woman to woman...she was talking also about being a mother and a grandmother...I just can't believe that somebody would do that to another person that is expecting," Northway told CBS Chicago.

Her sister started a GoFundMe account to replace the money, but Northway says she's not looking for charity.

She wants to get the word out about the rings in case someone tries to pawn them.

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