Theft of flag from man in chicken suit ruffles feathers in Conn.

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Someone stole an American flag from a man in a chicken suit in Manchester, Conn. on Wednesday, June 6, 2012.
(CBS/AP) MANCHESTER, Conn. - When someone agrees to dress up in a chicken suit and wave an American flag just so they can pay the rent, that person should really be allowed to do his job in peace.

Maybe that's why police in Manchester, Conn. are investigating the theft of an American flag from a restaurant worker wearing a chicken suit.

The Hartford Courant reports that Eric Didio was waving the flag and dancing outside a newly renovated Boston Market restaurant Wednesday as part of his job, when a man jumped from a car, grabbed the flag and took off.

A customer who witnessed the theft called police.

The newspaper reports that the dispatcher had a hard time relaying the call to officers, breaking into laughter while trying to say "chicken suit."

Well that's really not very helpful.

Nathan Atwood, the restaurant's general manager, says he stood beside the 23-year-old Didio for the rest of his shift to provide security.

No arrests have been made.