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The year according to Facebook: 2012

Facebook has released its year in review for 2012 -- so who made the list?

The social network broke out its lists to topics, such as events, songs, movies, check-ins, public figures, books, technology politics, television, sports and memes. Top items on the lists include the U.S. presidential election, "The Hunger Games" and Barack Obama.

Facebook's top events of the year were the U.S. presidential elections, Superbowl XLVI and the death of Whitney Houston. The top check-ins were at Times Square, Disneyland and AT&T Park.

Instagram, Timeline and Pinterest rounded out the top of technology, while the New York Giants, New England Patriots and Tim Tebow topped the list for sports.

Facebook launched a new feature that creates a year in review for individuals. The social network highlights top moment of the year by showcasing popular posts, photos or life events. Find your year in review at

Facebook's full list can be found on its website.

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