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The Web Is Becoming The Home For Political News

It makes sense that the Internet is the place consumers are increasingly turning to for information they are interested in. One of the bigger drawbacks facing traditional media is its inability to be everything to everyone. Anyone looking to follow their favorite sports team is of course going to go online for the kind of in-depth coverage and talk they can't find in their local newspaper, for example. But the explosion of growth of the Web as a source for political news makes one wonder whether those traditional outlets should be making more of an effort to deliver campaign coverage. From Cox News:
The Internet is growing so rapidly as a source of political information that in August more people than ever went to the Web for political updates, even more than during the peak of the 2004 presidential campaign, according to study released recently.

On a typical August day, 26 million Americans were using the Internet to get information about politics and the coming congressional election, the nonpartisan Pew Internet Project survey found.

During November of the 2004 election, 21 million were checking the Web for political information.

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