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'The Sunday Night Sex Show'

Most folks say to turn off the television if you want to spice up your love life, but every Sunday night on the Oxygen network, there's a show with talk – and, believe it or not, demonstrations – to help you improve your sex life.

What makes the show special is its host: a woman who you might think is more AARP than triple-X, until you watch her work, reports The Early Show's Tracy Smith.

Most people may not imagine talking to their own grandmothers about sex, but "Sexy" Sue Johanson says her senior status is an advantage in giving sex tips to her viewers. "I'm not seen as a cute sexy thing with bodacious 'ta-tas,'" says Johanson. "And I'm not seen as flirtatious or cutesy or coy."

Johanson may not be your stereotypical sex goddess, but for the past seven years, millions of Canadians have turned to this grandmother of two on "The Sunday Night Sex Show" to hear her answers to all types of questions. And, with the recent launch of her new show on Oxygen, "Talk Sex," Americans can finally get in on the action.

Johanson says she is surprised by her popularity.

"Shocked. Shocked. Delighted, but shocked," she says. "I didn't think it would happen, I knew it would catch on slowly and it would evolve over a period of time, but I didn't think it would happen like that."

A registered nurse and renowned Canadian sex educator, Johanson launched a call-in radio show in 1984 and quickly developed a cult following. Twelve years later, she was ready to take on a bigger audience. "I have verbal diarrhea you know," says Johanson. "And I just took to it like a duck to water."

And audiences adore her. Over 70,000 people try to call in to "The Sunday Night Sex Show" each week. And no topic is off limits.

But some puritans may be uncomfortable with the subject. Johanson simply shrugs and says: "If you can't be comfortable with it, and it's something you can't handle, then just hit the remote and um, watch 'Little House on the Prairie.'"

According to Johanson's staff, her honesty and candor about sex have made them more open-minded. "It's good, it's honest, it's not about the shock value here, so it makes you really comfortable," says Priya Rao, a production associate of the show.

"The first week was a little bit surprising," says Germain Wilson, a camera operator at "Talk Sex." "But you sort of get used to it. You talk about sex every week. That's what we do here. So, nothing really surprises us anymore."

The producers of the show were walking a thin line with "Talk Sex," but slowly they found their way to make it work. "I guess my ultimate goal would be to have people enjoy the gift of sexuality," says Johanson. "'Cause I regard it as a gift. It's something we should know about, respect, and enjoy to the hilt."

"The Sunday Night Sex Show" airs on Oxygen Sunday nights at 11 p.m. ET, followed by "Talk Sex" at midnight.

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