The Smartest Use of Facebook I've Ever Seen

Paradise Park is one of those family-fun attractions you see just about everywhere. It has go-carts, laser tag, putt-putt golf, arcade games, and other amusements. I love places like that.

But you know what? Although it's no more than five miles from my house, I rarely take my kids. That's because I tend to forget it's there, and when I do remember it, I remember it being expensive.

All that changed a few weeks ago when I discovered Paradise Park's Facebook page. Now, I see an update every few days, and it's always for some kind of deal: "$5 miniature golf and laser tag from 5 p.m. till close," or "2-for-1 attraction tickets."

That, my friends, is how you use Facebook for marketing. In fact, I think we can extrapolate Paradise Park's example into Three Simple Rules for Facebook Marketing:

Rule #1: Get your name out there

It costs a business zero dollars (or close to it) to set up, maintain, and regularly update a Facebook page. The only challenge is getting customers to subscribe to it. You can do that by adding Facebook links to your Web page, putting up signs in your store, running the Facebook logo in your print ads, and so on. Build awareness.

Rule #2: Don't overdo it

It's precisely because Facebook is free and easy that some companies abuse it, posting several updates per day about fairly meaningless topics. That's a quick way to turn "likers" into, um, "don't likers" who don't follow your page anymore. Post an update every couple days at most, and make sure it's something of value. Which brings us to rule #3:

Rule #3: Offer deals

Paradise Park does a great job creating a sense of urgency -- which, as any good salesperson knows, is key to closing a sale. While not every business can offer $5 go-karting from 5 p.m. till close, there's always the this-week-only coupon code or a 2-for-1-Fridays deal. Bottom line: if you want results, offer something of value.

What rules would you add to the list? Have you found any other great examples of marketing via Facebook? Share them in the comments!