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The Six Rungs of the Brand Persuasion Wheel | BTalk


Ulli Appelbaum

Ulli Appelbaum

(Episode 504; 14 minutes 45) You're probably familiar with the concept of the Brand Wheel. It's a useful tool for evaluating the character of your brand and the benefits it provides to your customers.

Ulli Appelbaum, Director of Brand Strategy at SapientNitro, says this conventional tool is useful, but our behaviour tends to be driven more by persuasion than a strict evaluation of benefits. His Brand Persuasion Wheel focuses on six principles of persuasion that can be leveraged by marketers. He says these elements transcend time and geography.

The Brand Persuasion Wheel
On today's BTalk we go through each of these key elements and discuss how marketers can apply the wheel to their marketing and branding activity.

Read Ulli's paper on the Brand Persusasion Wheel here.
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