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The science behind the "Cinnamon Challenge" (and more reasons to never do it)

(CBS News) It was about a week ago that we showed you a video of the infamous "Cinnamon Challenge" in super slow-motion and warned you about the dangers of this practice. And after all of that, when we thought this fad was over, do you know what I hsaw at the grocery store this morning? Cinnamon! Obviously the last post didn't work, so we've got another one for you that outlines the mechanics and dangers of the "Cinnamon Challenge". Watch and get your learn on.

The informative and fun YouTube video was posted by the SciShow and features Hank Green (also of the vlogbrothers), who has been on The Feed a few times now. And like Hank we'd also like to stress that there are enough videos out there of people engaging in this rather silly and possibly dangerous dare that there is absolutely no reason to ever do it yourself. Seriously, people. Be smart. Like Hank. And us here at The Feed. And to check out more video from the SciShow, you can visit their YouTube page by clicking here.

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