The razor-sharp comedy of Key & Peele

"Oh, yeah," said Key. "I'm not sure we'd have a show if he hadn't been elected president."

And it's possible that only Key & Peele could have created a presidential aide named Luther -- Mr. Obama's "anger translator."

"If there was just a surrogate, if there was just someone who could express Obama's frustration, or anger, because he can't do it," Key said, "couldn't there be someone to stand at his side to be his emotional valve?"

OBAMA: "First of, concerning the recent developments in the Middle Eastern region, I just want to reiterate our unflinching support for all people and their right to a democratic process."
LUTHER: "Hey, all y'all dictators out there: keep messin' around and see what happens. Just see what happens. Watch!"
OBAMA: "What has my administration accomplished?"
LUTHER: "Did we accomplish killin' America's biggest enemy? Uh, check! Did that! Boom!!!"
President Obama and his anger translator, Luther.
Comedy Central

Two years ago, boom! Key & Peele met the president they'd been playing for laughs.

He's "super-cool," said Key. "He came in and got straight up, bro hugs, like, right up to us."

"He goes, 'I need Luther. I need him,'" said Peele. "Which was the best thing for us."

For Key, it was "confirmation that what we were doing was resonating with the one person that we never in our wildest dreams thought it would resonate with."

Blackstone watched as Key & Peele shot an Obama sketch for this coming season. Their upcoming agenda includes a remake of the "Police Academy" franchise; writing a screenplay with Judd Apatow; and for their TV show, producing more sketches filled with unexpected comedy.

"If we can get away doing comedy that has nothing to do with race, that's almost the most progressive statement we could make," said Peele.

"We're going to play Italian mobsters," said Key. "We're going to play 17th century French fops, two English anthropologists talking about their travels up and down the Amazon. Not to sound antagonistic, but deal with it!"

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