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The Princess And The Playboy

The scope of Princess Diana's romance with Dodi al Fayed will never be known. Some say they were deeply in love. Others say it was just a summer romance. Monday night, 48 Hours had an exclusive interview with Dodi al Fayed's butler and confidant for eight years. CBS News Correspondent Wyatt Andrews has details.

Rene Delorm, Dodi's butler was able to witness first hand, the relationship between Dodi and Diana. "I saw something sensual."

He was with them on two private Mediterranean cruises. "Every night after dinner, they were holding each other."

He also saw them together at Dodi's apartments in Paris and London. He says it was a true love story, and Monday night will mark the first time he speaks American television.

For those who would doubt Diana could fall in love with a man dismissed as a playboy, Rene Delorm has written a book:
"I want to set the record straight. I want you people to know what happened."

He describes two people who discovered each other's souls. "It was definitely passionate."

Delorm says Dodi showed him the engagement ring intended for Diana. "I said, 'Wow!' He says, 'I'm going to propose to the princess tonight'." Delorm says he's sure Diana would have said yes.

On the afternoon before the accident, Dodi took Diana on a tour of Villa Windsor, once the home of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and now an Al Fayed property. Delorm says it was Dodi's way of showing Diana what she could expect after they were married.

"Dodi was in love with Diana. He was feeling things that he never felt before." Delorm insists Diana returned his affections. Now, as the world knows all too well, Dodi probably never got the chance to propose to Diana.

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