The New York City skyline gets used to make music

(CBS News) While I should hold off on posting this one until the Friday Music Round-Up, I simply lack the patience and need some music on The Feed right now. So check out what the New York City skyline would look like if it was used to make dubstep and drum & bass music. It's a total trip.

The surreal music video entitled "Beatscraper" comes from Ecelectic Method, who have been featured here on The Feed many times now, and who write about their latest work:

Ever wonder what it would look like if Terry Gilliam made drum&bass and dub-step with the New York city skyline?

Well here's Eclectic Method's BEAT SCRAPER, a track using the skyline to score and play the melody.

I think the nod to classic video games and caricature of Mayor Bloomberg only help to up the ante of this work that continues to reinforce why we love this mixed media group so much. And if you'd like to check out more work by Eclectic Method, be sure to visit their Vimeo page by clicking here.