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The New "LBD": "Little Bright Dress" Fashions

The "LBD" is a wardrobe staple and people have always thought of it black. However the new "LBD" or "little BRIGHT dress" is the evolved version. Fashion has decided a "little bright dress" is the new staple.

On "The Early Show," style expert Gretta Monahan shared several of the season's hottest "little bright dress" trends.

FOREVER 21 $23
Necklace Aqua from Bloomingdales $45
Clutch from Hobo International $118
Shoes by Via Spiga

Gretta says: Geometric prints, now you see them placed in silhouettes we've come to love. What I love about this is that it flatters all shapes and sizes. It really does flatter the curves and it gives us a nice easy fabric that we can take from daytime/work to evening. The biggest thing here is merging bold fashion trends with classic shapes. Geometric is very much a bold print to carry but a lot of people found it difficult to carry with shift dresses, now the designers have started to open up and get creative.

H&M $35
Floral Zip Front Pocket Dress Style Number: 42184003 (Zipper, Print, Unusual floral)
Bracelets Aqua from Bloomingdales $25
Hobo International clutch $118
Shoes from Via Spiga

Gretta says: Zippers and hardware are definitely all over the fashion runways. This one gives a corseted feel. It gives structure, its flattering. When you add a bit of hardware it adds edge to it. You can wear this with flats, can make it casual with flats or kick it up a notch with chunky heels. Florals have long been around. It's very feminine and beautiful, but to mix the elements of hard and soft that's what really making this look new.

FOREVER 21 $29.80
Clutch from Jimmy Choo
Shoes by Via Spiga

Gretta says: I love this, whether the embellishing is crystals or beads, it's very much in. Also, the two-tone dress is terrific, it can do a lot of flattering things for the body. Even in this particular example just by having the top be so much lighter than the bottom its really going to flatter her body. You can wear this to a daytime wedding, a shower, or you can even make it fun for night time.

Arden B $69
Earrings by CZ by Kenneth Jane from Bloomingdales $115
Shoes by Via Spiga

Gretta says: We've seen cut outs on the red carpet with some really scary options where too much is showing. Now you see cut outs that have evolved and been modified. With where these cutouts are on dresses like this, you can still be chic and conservative. We're getting away from the sides being so open and we're working with areas that are really comfortable to be exposed, such as your back. This is completely appropriate; it exposes the back and shoulders. It's a peek-a-boo dress. It just gives you enough.

Taffeta One Shoulder Dress, Style Number: 42287476
Bracelet Bloomingdales $45
Shoes by Via Spiga

Gretta says: This is the one-shoulder trend. People saw this trend come in and thought this was not going to last long. This is one of my favorite silhouettes. You get a sexy feel going from a strapless to one a shoulder is very flattering for the body. The one shoulder gives you the highest point in the body and draws your eye down and gives you a flattering figure. As it works, this is something you'll continue to see. It's not going anywhere. It's terrific for women in the bust area it gives you plenty of form and shape. The one shoulder gives you that long line with plenty support.

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