The Muslim Scholars Association Incites Iraqi Tribes Against U.S. Forces

(Association of Muslim Scholars)
Iraq's influential Sunni clerical group, the Association of Muslim Scholars, issued a statement to Iraqi Sunni tribes and members of the awakening councils, warning them that they've let themselves fall in the trap set to them by the Americans. "The awakening councils project has been the trap put in your way by the occupiers," the statement said. "You let yourselves fall into it, and became like someone killing his children with his own hands .. someone destroying his home with his own tools."

The statement said that Sunni tribes still had a chance to set things right by dismantling the awakening militias and turning their weapon against the occupiers. "Today before you there is a paved way to atone for your mistakes and to reform what is between you and God the almighty and to compensate people for jihad and what have been the chances of undermining the enemy occupier."