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The Many Faces Of Roger Daltrey

Thursday night's episode of "C.S.I." gave a whole new meaning to the phrase "who done it?" because the killer was played by an actual member of "The Who," Roger Daltrey. The rocker faced a huge acting challenge, as Julie Chen found out when she visited him on the set.

Any "C.S.I." fan knows Roger Daltrey just by listening to him sing the show's opening theme song. But Thursday night, viewers finally got to put a face to the voice.

Asked how his guest appearance on the crime drama came about, Daltrey tells Chen, "I was just offered, um, my agent called up one day, said 'How would you like to do a 'C.S.I.,' and how could I refuse. I mean the show has been so loyal to us, 'The Who,' so it's kind of feels like an honor to do it."

But it wasn't your typical guest appearance, because Daltrey's appearance changed throughout the episode. To play a killer concealing his true identity, Daltrey spent hours in a make-up chair, so he could be disguised as four other characters. One persona was a Karaoke-crooning killer.

Then it was back to the make-up chair, as he became a Spanish speaking fisherman.

Daltrey was also made-up as one of the killer's old colleagues. But his biggest transformation involved a change of race and gender, as C.S.I.'s wizards turned Daltrey into a middle-aged African-American woman.

"I, you know, applaud him. I mean, he's right in the midst of a world tour with 'The Who,'" says C.S.I. star Marg Helgenberger.

"And, I've just literally came of stage in Seattle on a Thursday night and was here on the Friday shooting this," Daltrey adds.

"He's having to play all these different personas with all this different prosthetic makeup, and all these different accents. You know, it's a lot for anyone. I mean, if you're, you know, Marlon Brando, it's a lot, you know?" Helgenberger says, laughing.

What is it like on such a tight schedule, two days, getting into five different characters?

"I mean, it's great fun when you're actually on the set doing it, but the rest of it I prefer the, the day job. I think I'll stick with the band," he says.

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