The Lonely Island release a very different take on YOLO

(CBS News) The term YOLO ("you only live once") has become something of a battle cry in popular culture for people doing some pretty wild, crazy and, often, irresponsible things. And in response to it, the guys over at The Lonely Island have a message for you, and very different take on the idea, with their brand-new music video above. Check it out and get ready to laugh.

The tongue-in-cheek musical parody features the cast of The Lonely Island, along with Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar, going extreme with safety and precautions for all of the dangerous (and not so-dangerous) situations in life because... well, you only live once. So start boarding up those windows, and make sure to live as long as possible. Another excellent piece of musical comedy gold from The Lonely Island! And to check out more amusing work from them, be sure to check out their YouTube page by clicking here.