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"The Hangover Part II" trailer pulled from theaters

Ed Helms in "The Hangover Part II." YouTube

(CBS) The trailer for the highly-anticipated film "The Hangover Part II" was pulled from theaters because Warner Bros. did not vet the spot properly with the Motion Picture Association of America, The Hollywood Reporter said Thursday.

The spot, which premiered in front of "Source Code" last week, featured a monkey encouraged to perform a simulated sexual act.

"The Hangover Part II" trailer released

"In our haste to meet the placement schedule for this trailer, we failed to properly vet the final version with the MPAA. We acted immediately to correct the mistake and removed the trailer from screens," Warner Bros. said in a statement to THR.

According to the report, changes are being made to the trailer, which will return to theaters beginning on April 15, playing before screenings of "Scream 4." The online version will also be changed.

In the film, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Justin Bartha all return and travel to Bangkok for Stu's (Helms) wedding and find themselves in yet another bizarre adventure after a crazy night.

"The Hangover Part II" hits theaters May 26.

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