The Grump And His Lovely Wife

Everybody Has A Story -- Mathew Logan and his wife is Joyce Logan
Because most people, during CBS News Correspondent Steve Hartman's first call, react to him as if he were a telemarketer, making his cold call scares him to death, he says. It is only natural for his soon-to-be storytellers to be, at least initially, disagreeable. But Mathew Logan seemed permanently so.
"If you get off on the wrong side, I'll tell your ass off quick," he said.

The 64-year-old and his wife, Joyce, just retired to Utah from California.

"A velvet-glove person, he's not," noted Joyce.

And judging by the short exchanges with Hartman, Logan was quite intimidating. Even the dog ran away from him.

He's an armchair Rush Limbaugh, who gave Hartman his most combative interview yet.

That began when Logan started telling him how Bill Clinton supposedly went to Moscow to be trained by the Soviets.

"He went through the schools of communism over there," said Logan.

Actually, he went on vacation.

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"I can see you love Clinton," said Logan.

Where'd he get that!? Hartman asked.

"Because you keep sticking up for that idiot!" he answered.

"You can't really have a discussion with him, because if you voice anything that seems a little different - you're asking for it," noted Joyce Logan.

So Hartman went on to ask him on a variety of topics such as welfare…

"Worst thing that ever happened," said Logan.

Public works?

"Have you ever driven on the interstates back east?!" he asked.

The future?

"There ain't going to be nobody walking around here but the cockroaches," Logan replied.

A lot of things he said was a reminder of Archie Bunker.

"Naw. He was a little more rougher than I am. But he had good points," said Logan.

Logan has been described as opinionated, uncouth, tactless, and mule-headed. And that's just by his wife. And yet she has somehow managed 43 years of wedded bliss.

"If you were bothered by everything your partner did, doesn't have to be my husband, if you dwelled on that, you'd tear your marriage apart," said Joyce Logan.

Behind every strong relationship, there is usually at least one optimist.

"There's some redeeming thing about most everybody," she said.

And behind every grump, there is usually someone who can see right through him.

"He's a very gentle man. He's not rough or mean or anything like that," she noted.

"I love the woman. And she loes me," he simply said.

And when she was asked if she ever thought about life without him, she said, "Well that's a real possibility. It makes me cry. He's my life. He is."

And no one in Kane County, Utah, would ever argue with that.

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