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The Fray: Still "Saving Lives" On ABC

This story was written by's Melissa Castellanos

Whether The Fray is linked to the enticing soundtrack for ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" or "Lost," they always seem to find themselves entrenched in some kind of TV melodrama. The band isn't afraid to admit, however, that they too have experienced some drama of their own - including heartache.

"There is some of that (heartbreak) in there for sure. Just trying to get through those times," said lead singer Isaac Slade.

The Grammy award-nominated Denver-based quartet, made up of Slade (vocals, piano), Joe King (guitar, vocals), Ben Wysocki (drums) and Dave Welsh (guitar) is most known for their hit songs "How to Save A Life" and "Over My Head (Cable Car)."

"It was a good time for us," said King, "because we had been touring for a while just kind of building up our fan base for a good year and then the "Grey's" thing hit with 'How to Save A Life.' It just took us to a completely different area and level for us."

"Grey's Anatomy," which featured "How to Save A Life" in 2006, recently showed the band some more love by giving their audience a snippet of their new single "You Found Me" during a commercial break in November. The one-minute promo featured scenes from the upcoming season of "Lost."

With some parallels to their last album (which sold 3.2 million copies), The Fray is proving that their sound is not-just-made-for TV and on Feb. 3, they released their self-titled album.

"It's kind of like the last one, I guess," said Slade. "Just a little more, a little bigger and the quiet stuff is a little quieter I guess. We have never been a huge image-hype band, so we have always sort of been about the songs, and I feel that we picked ten of best songs we've ever written. There were a couple on there that we were questioning and we cut them from the record. So, I really feel that it's - for better or for worse that it's our strongest effort yet."

According to the band, whose influences include mid-'90s rock bands Pearl Jam and Nirvana, this album was "a real collaborative effort," in which they put all four voices in it - figuratively speaking - to make "a joint statement."

The making of the video for "You Found Me" was quite a project for the band.

"We were in Chicago in this area below Michigan Avenue called Lower Wacker," Welsh recalled. "It's actually kind of a seedy part of town. But it has these beautiful architectural girders that line the underside of the bridge. The guy, Josh Forbes, who directed it hired a lot of the same people that made Batman when they were filming there, so it has this hugely epic feel to it."

"It was like a marathon run," said Wysocki. "We went from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. shoots for all of the night stuff. We were completely delirious at the end of it but it was really fun."

With the Grammy's coming upon Sunday, Feb. 8, The Fray is rooting for U.K. sensation, Adele, who is nominated for "Record of the Year," "Song of the Year" (both for "Chasing Pavements"), "Best New Artist" and "Best Female Pop Vocal Performance."

After heading off to London, The Fray will return to the states and kick off a summer tour.

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