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The Four Ways To Tell You're a Great Leader

How can you tell if you're a great leader?

Simple, says Jack Hayhow, CEO of a training firm and author of a whimsically named book, "Wisdom of the Flying Pig."

1. Amazingly Engaged Employees
2. Evangelical Customers
3. Consistently Solid Financials
4. Growth (revenue, profit, capability)

He argues in his post The Deliverables of Great Leadership that no good business leader will fail to produce these results.

I'm not sure that all four apply in all parts of the economy. For instance, I have never once felt compelled to evangelize for a telemarketing firm, and I'm not sure there's a leader alive who could change that.

But I like that Hayhow is trying to come up with a way to measure business leadership. Most posts on leadership focus on how to be one.