The Feed's first February Friday Music Round-Up

(CBS News) First off, I dare you to try saying our headline fast five times. Second, hip hip hooray, it's time for the Friday Music Round-Up! We're kicking off this week with the music video for "5-HT" by The Good Natured. So kick back and get ready for chill music mixed with trippy visuals.

Our second item is an absolutely beautiful cover of the Goo Goo Dolls' hit ballad "Name" by Boyce Avenue. Honestly, this one is everything a great acoustic cover should be, with a simple arrangement and gorgeous vocals. In conclusion, it's very pretty. I don't know if I can stress that enough. Alright, just click play, take a listen and judge for yourself. I'll stop talking now. Promise.

Next up we have a mind-blowing (literally my mind exploded, it was a real mess) music video for Bonobo's song "Cirrus", created by one my personal favorite visual artists: Cyriak. If you're not familiar with him, you should be. And talk about great music meeting great art. This awesomely insane video can only be described as a nostalgic look at the television version of '50s America through a kaleidoscope, and then everything turns into robots. I can't explain it - and think no one can - just watch and you'll see what I mean.

I know you're probably sick of "Call Me Maybe" covers (and so am I, kinda, maybe), but trust me when I say you need to give this one a chance. Using instruments - and I use that term very loosely - improvised from bottles of assorted sizes, this group manages to recreate one of the most popular pop songs of the summer note for note. Impressive AND entertaining. I can't wait until they start playing it in clubs.

With that, I hope everyone enjoyed this week's Friday Music Round-Up and has an amazing upcoming weekend. And keep coming back to The Feed for all of your viral (and music) video needs!