The Feed: Deadly Off-Road Crash

Eight spectators were killed and 12 were wounded when one of the trucks lost control and careened into the crowd in California's Mojave Desert.

A makeshift memorial in California's Mojave Desert marks the spot of a deadly accident at an off-road truck race. Eight spectators were killed and 12 injured when a truck hit a jump and flew into the crowd.

the California Highway Patrol is investigating.

In Pakistan, the relentless rain just won't let up. The massive flooding has affected more than 20 million people and killed at least 1.600. Angry survivors blocked a road to protest the slow delivery of critical relief supplies.

The alleged "Craigslist's Killer" is dead. Police say Phillip Markoff committed suicide in his jail cell this weekend. He was set to stand trial in march for the killing of a masseuse he met online.

A dramatic rescue caught on tape. A small plane crashed into Lake Erie in Ohio. The crew from a ferry boat threw life preservers to the four passengers as the plane quickly sank into the lake. No one was seriously injured.

And something you don't see everyday -- zebras running wild on the streets of Sacramento after escaping from a nearby ranch. It took police and animal rescue officials several hours - and several tries to corral the animals.