THE Dish: Chef Eduard Frauneder's Wiener Schnitzel

Chef Eduard Frauneder's ultimate dish

(CBS News) Hailing from Austria, Chef Eduard Frauneder is one of the world's youngest Michelin Starred chefs. He began his culinary career at age 12, working alongside his father in the multiple bakeries and pastry shops he owned in Vienna.

Eduard began his formal training at the Vienna Culinary Institute. After his studies, Eduard opened a concept restaurant, Bistro Andromeda, for the United Nations headquarters in Vienna. He remained the executive chef until taking the position of personal chef for the Austrian ambassador to the United Kingdom. From his exposure in the diplomatic world, Eduard developed a keen sense for haute cuisine and the urge to travel with his skills around the world.

Special section: Food and Wine

After leaving his position, he moved to New York City and with his business partner and co-chef, Wolfgang Ban, opened Seasonal restaurant and weinbar in October 2008. Seasonal was awarded a Michelin Star and 25 food points from Zagat guide in 2010-2012 and named one of New York magazine's "best new restaurants" of 2010.

In December 2010, Eduard and Wolfgang opened their second restaurant, Edi & the Wolf, in New York City's east village and in December 2012, they opened the Third Man, a cocktail bar down the block.

He joins us with his ultimate dish, Edi and the Wolf's Wiener Schnitzel

Edi & the Wolf Wiener Schnitzel

3 lb. heritage pork (center cut)

7 oz. flour

4 eggs

7 oz. breadcrumbs

Splash of seltzer water

Oil to fry



1. Slice pork against the grain into 80 gram pieces, pound until 2/8 of an inch think (pounding will allow it to cook evenly, tenderize the meat and make it souffle nicer)

2. Season with salt and pepper and dip in flour, egg (beaten with splash of seltzer) and breadcrumbs

3. Shake off excess. Heat oil till 350 F and crisp under constant circular movement for 60 seconds. Pat dry and serve

Potato Salad

1.5 lb Austrian crescent potatoes or fingerling potatoes

3 shallots

1 bunch of scallions

3cups Canola Oil

1 cup Champagne Vinegar



White Pepper

1.Boil potatoes until soft but not too tender

2.Blend champagne vinegar, luke warm water, salt, white pepper and canola oil until it emulsifies

3. Slice peeled and hot potatoes into the dressing, (warm starch from the potatoes will help further emulsify the potato salad)

4. Add small diced scallions and shallots to the salad, season to personal flavor with mustard, salt

and vinegar

Cucumber Salad

4 Hot House Cucumbers

3oz. Sour Cream


1 Tbs. Champagne Vinegar

2 Shallots

1/2 Bunch Dill

White Pepper

1.Peel the cucumber and slice on a mandolin into a 6 inch long thin spaghetti shape (do not

slice the seed core of the cucumber)

2. Sprinkle with salt to de-water the cucumber and press out all excess water

3. Marinate with the sour cream, champagne vinegar, shallots, dill and white pepper

4. To plate, roll it up with fork or tweezers.