The Clinton Factor

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CBS News exit polls find more than two-thirds of voters believe that history will remember President Clinton more for the scandal that gripped his presidency than for his leadership qualities. Generally, voters Tuesday expressed a very negative opinion of Mr. Clinton as a person.

Nevertheless, a solid majority of voters said they approve of the way Mr. Clinton has handled his job as president and believe his administration can take responsibility for the recovery of the U.S. economy during his two terms.

Further support for Mr. Clinton is found among the approximately four-in-10 voters who would like to see the next president generally continue President Clinton’s policies, while slightly more would prefer more conservative policies and one-in-10 would prefer more liberal policies.

According to more than two-thirds of voters interviewed Tuesday leaving polling places nationwide, their attitudes toward Mr. Clinton had little impact on their candidate selection. Among the one-in-five who said they cast their vote for president to express opposition to Mr. Clinton, the overwhelming majority are supporting Governor George W. Bush.