The Best Part Of Christmas

Christmas Trees - EARLY SHOW SEGMENT 061207
This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
I'm beginning to understand Christmas, or at least what Christmas does to you.

As a kid, Christmas is about what you get. I'd spend days looking at the Sears Christmas catalogue — the "Wish Book" — dreaming about things I'd never get.

As you grow up, Christmas is about family — about your kids and making sure your parents see your kids.

What I've finally figured out is that Christmas is about remembering. In church on Sunday for the concert of carols, we all lit candles and sang "Silent Night." And we cried — everyone does.

We weep because we remember so many Christmases past, when we were able to see those loved ones who are no longer with us. We remember being a shepherd in the Christmas pageant. We remember bringing our first baby to the same concert — and he didn't make a peep.

Here, in the middle of this too-busy season, the best part is remembering.

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