"The Bachelorette": Did Andi Dorfman choose Josh or Nick?

Warning: We're about to reveal the biggest spoilers from Monday night's season finale of "The Bachelorette." If you don't want to know who Andi chose, turn away now! For everyone else, keep reading...

It's time for Andi to hand out her final rose!

After months of jaw-dropping dates and swoon-worthy kisses, this season of "The Bachelorette" finally came to a close Monday night with an extremely lavish affair and (...Gasp!) an engagement. (Seriously, how gorgeous was that ring?!)

Over the two-hour event, our bachelorette went through the traditional emotional torment of deciding which suitor had her heart. So did Andi choose Nick V., the software salesman from Wisconsin with the ridiculously large family and passionate love of scarves? Or did she choose Josh M., the Atlanta native and former professional baseball star who always enjoy a good V-neck tee?

Andi chose... Josh!

That's right, romance lovers! Andi and Josh traveled all around the world to fall in love, despite the fact that they've practically been living in each other's backyard. To quote Darla from The Little Rascals, "How romantical!"

After sending Josh home, Andi gave her very last rose to Josh, and Josh sweetly chose Andi right back. The brunette hunk then proposed to Andi with a gigantically gorgeous Neil Lane ring, and she quickly wiped way her tears and said, "Yes!"

Tell us: Are you happy with Andi's choice? What did you think of her engagement ring? Who do you think should be the next Bachelor? Sound off in the comments below!