The Art Of Verbal Judo

When the lights and sirens come on, police officers rarely feel like playing Mr. Nice Guy, but George Thompson says that's just wrong.

Thompson, who is also known as "Rhino," is an ex-cop who believes he can get almost anyone to do almost anything by talking to them. He teaches a


"I teach deflect and move," Thompson tells CBS News correspondent Richard Schlesinger. "So if you call me a name," I go 'Look, sir, I see that you're upset and I'm sorry you feel that way.'"

A theatrical, fast-talking sales job designed to convince people that they want to cooperate.

"You wouldn't hear an officer say, 'I'll kick your ass.' See, that's language that leads to conflict," says Thompson in his gravelly voice. "You'd hear the officer I teach say, 'Sir don't struggle, we don't want to hurt you.'"

In a nutshell, Rhino teaches it doesn't have to come to this if cops are clear about what they want, ignore insults and verbally push people to follow orders.