"The Amazing Race:" Safaris, second chances, and soured relationships

Friends Bopper and Mark search for a clue on "The Amazing Race."
CBS Photo
Friends Bopper and Mark search for a clue on "The Amazing Race."
CBS Photo

(CBS News) The most interesting part of the Tanzania leg of "The Amazing Race" Sunday occurred not at the end of the episode when a team was eliminated, but at the beginning of the hour-long show.

One by one, teams were driven through Ngorongoro Crater for a safari in what host Phil Keoghan called the "Eden of Africa." All strategy and gamesmanship disappeared as contestants watched in awe as zebras grazed on the roadside, lions lazed in the sun and elephants lumbered across the trail.

But once the idyllic safari ended, it was 'Game on' again. (SPOILER ALERT)

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A second chance could not help federal agents Nary and Jamie, who were spared elimination last week. Their late start, plus the extra challenge they had to perform made them last to reach the pit stop and this time, they were eliminated.

First-place in this leg went to Kentucky friends Bopper and Mark, who won a trip to Hawaii. This episode featured a double U-Turn, which allows two teams to target two other teams behind them, who must then perform both halves of an either/or task.

Bopper and Mark refused to target anyone as did Iraqi vet Dave and his wife Rachel, who followed close on their heels. The difference is that Dave and Rachel had reached an earlier agreement with another team - border patrol agents Art and J.J. - that whoever reached a U-Turn first would target the "Big Brother" team of Brendon and Rachel.

The border agents targeted the "Big Brother" team but were clearly confused. They thought the vet and his wife were ahead of them, but now they weren't sure. Dave wouldn't break his word, they kept assuring one another.

The U-Turn did nothing to change the outcome of this leg: The targeted teams remained at the back of the pack but still reached the pit stop before Nary and Jamie.

But it may have far-reaching repercussions in the game. The border agents, particularly J.J., were angry when they discovered the military team had gone back on its promise. "In fact, I don't feel like talking to them ever again," groused J.J., who later claimed the broken promise made him "sick to his stomach."

How will this new enmity affect the game? Was J.J. overreacting? Tell us what you think in the comments below. Vote above on who will win the race and return here next week for more commentary.