"The Amazing Race": Put to the test in Moscow

Best friends James, left, and Abba make their way to the next location on "The Amazing Race."

Sunday's leg of "The Amazing Race" -- or, rather, leg-and-a-half, seeing as last week's episode ended before three of the teams could check in -- continued in Moscow with Russian dancers, historical figures and one very serious professor.

Back at the pool, goat farmers Josh and Brent were still struggling with last week's synchronized swimming task. They had one last chance to get it right before the pool closed, but Brent still couldn't get the choreography correct. The coach gave them their clue, but said they'd incur a four-hour penalty for failing to complete the Detour. The Beekmans then set off with Abbie and Ryan to complete the Road Block at the Trees of Love before finding host Phil Keoghan at the Pit Stop.

Meanwhile, the rockers still hadn't found their lost bags or Abba's passport. They went back to Keoghan expecting to be eliminated, but were given a bit of good news -- this was a non-elimination leg. However, he warned, without Abba's passport, the team would eventually not be able to check in at a Pit Stop. So the rockers could continue racing but knew they wouldn't be able to get far until they got the passport, which they had to do on top of completing this leg's challenges and the Speed Bump they incurred by checking in last.

With that, it was on to the next leg of the race. The first stop was a study room in a building at Moscow's agricultural academy, where the Road Block asked, "Who's in the Zone?" One team member was given a quick look at a map of Russia's nine time zones, and then a map of cities in those zones. They then had to calculate the time in seven Russian cities, based on a time given for Moscow.

Jaymes and Lexi decided to do the challenge together, but it took multiple tests and the professor yelling "PENCILS DOWN!" before Lexi figured out the correct way to do the calculations.

The twins arrived next, but immediately decided to use their Express Pass and skip the time zones task. Ryan was confident he'd breeze through the challenge, but made the same reasoning mistake the Texans and Chippendales did -- and it took him a lot longer to figure it out. As the professor kept saying his calculations were "not correct," Ryan got more and more frustrated, upset and angry. Finally, he got it right and they were able to move on.

The Beekmans sat out their four-hour penalty and began racing, and it turned out that Brent, who struggled so much during the swimming challenge, is an adept student who understands how time zones work. He finished the task quicker than everyone else and beamed as the professor handed over the next clue.

Meanwhile, the rockers were spending their time looking for their things. The pair, who were in the front of the pack throughout almost all of the race, weren't even shown tackling any of the tasks until almost the end of the episode.

That next clue brought teams to a Detour. They had to choose between "Movers" -- learn and perform a Russian soldier dance -- or "Shakers" -- head to a cocktail party where impersonators were dressed up as Russian historical figures, and correctly identify seven of them.

The Chippendales, Abbie and Ryan, the twins and the Texans chose the dance challenge. Aside from James' struggles with a sprained ankle and Natalie ripping her costume's pants, no one seemed to have trouble completing the routine. The Beekmans chose the cocktail party, and had a blast hobnobbing with the likes of Stalin, Peter the Great and Lenin, who warned Josh to "be careful of vodka and Russian women." "I'll try," he replied.

It was then on to the Pit Stop, located in Sokolniki Park. The Chippendales arrived first, winning a trip to Costa Rica. The rockers, of course, arrived last, and this time weren't so lucky -- they were promptly eliminated from the race.

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