The 13 Best Protest Signs Seen at Occupy Wall Street

Last Updated Oct 17, 2011 12:53 PM EDT

The Occupy Wall Street protests have moved into their third week, and the protesters are well aware that this is a movement that needs advertising: Their marches and sit-ins are being exhaustively videoed and photographed. The protest is as much a social media phenomenon as it is a physical one. (And, of course, the genesis of the movement is Adbusters, the Canadian anti-advertising magazine that is read as voraciously on Madison Avenue as it is among campus radicals.)
To that end, sloganeering -- the art of picking a political tagline -- is a big part of Occupy Wall Street. Marchers have made acres of signs and laid them out on the pavement in New York's Zuccotti Park for anyone to pick up and carry away. They also have their own newspaper, The Occupy Wall Street Journal.

Can a movement be branded if it has no brand managers? You be the judge. Here are 13 of the most witty signs snapped by Flickr users David Shankbone and kapkap, CC.