The 110th Congress, So Far, By The Numbers

Mercifully, the lights have dimmed on the 2007 session of Congress after a frenzied, controversial finish.

There's no shortage of spin from press flaks today about what this Congress did and didn't accomplish this year, and you'll be able to find coverage of these issues all over Politico.

But here's a look at the straight up statistics:

* 139 public laws were enacted, and once president Bush signs the omnibus spending bill, the alternative minimum tax fix and some other measures, that number will grow.

* 47 of those laws were to rename post offices.

* The House held 1,186 roll call votes, shattering previous records. The Senate, designed by the founders as a slower moving body, held 442 roll calls.

* There were 62 cloture votes in the Senate, which could be interepreted as Republican obstruction or Democratic refusal to allow debate, depending on who you talk to.

* The Senate was in session for 180 days this year. The House had 164 legislative days, far exceeding last year's Republican Congress.

* Six sitting members of Congress died this year. May they rest in peace.

* Finally, two Republican senators were caught in sex scandals - Larry Craig of Idaho and David Vitter of Louisiana.

Stay tuned. The House returns Jan. 15, the Senate Jan. 22.