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The 10 Weirdest Ad Stories of the Month

Horrible gay real estate advertising! Brazilians urinating in the shower! The longest running ad in history! It all happened in August 2009 (much of it at JWT, for some reason).

  1. Need a gallery of vintage sexist ads from Australia? Here's one! Nobody does stupid and unsubtle the way the Aussies do. (Click image to enlarge.)
  2. Brazilians urged to urinate in the shower It's F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi's water conservation campaign. Does this mean they'll be bathing in the toilet?
  3. Gay Chicago realtor has gay Chicago real estate ads Charles B. Barenbrugge is serving "YOUR" real estate needs, his unforgettable ad proudly proclaims. More horrendous laugh-out-loud real estate ads here.
  4. Billboard featuring naked Paul Rudd confuses Los Angelenos Paramount Pictures thought it would be HI-larious to try some buzz-generating trickery, promoting Paul Rudd's character from the movie "I Love You, Man" as if he were "LA's hottest realtor."
  5. JWT intern has adorably stupid blog "I was set to spend my week with an Account Director called Louise Lomax. ... She had preempted my arrival and had scheduled a packed week for me. ... This packed diary appealed to the fact that I am someone who gets bored easily."
  6. JWT blogger backs Michael Vick Eric Hyman says of dog killer: "He's done his time, he's remorseful, he owes people money that needs to be paid back (put yourself in their shoes), so-- let him give it a try."
  7. Meat eaters feign outrage at PETA billboard that refers to fat people as "whales" "Lose the blubber: Go vegetarian" the animal rights people suggest. Omnivores are shocked at the shocking group's shocking behavior.
  8. Check that horrible logo! Apple wasn't always the king of design A gallery of old and new corporate logos -- not all of them improved. Bring back the P&G devil worship logo!
  9. Longest running ad in history still going strong "Does your English let you down?" asks language school in English newspapers. Male model is original from 1950s. Creator says: "I honestly don't know why it's so successful."
  10. JWT wins Sony Walkman account ... In other news: The Sony Walkman still exists! In India, duh!
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