'Texas Seven' Leader Talks

Ed Bradley Interviews Rivas

In the first television interview since his capture, George Rivas, the man who led six fellow inmates in the Texas prison break, talks with Ed Bradley about his escape and capture. Rivas, 30, a convicted kidnapper and robber, has admitted to shooting a police officer in a subsequent robbery.

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Rivas' cunning plans helped the gang elude authorities for nearly six weeks. Six of the seven were captured; one committed suicide rather than give up.

Rivas talks to Bradley about his probable execution for killing police officer Aubrey Hawkins while the gang robbed a sporting goods store on Christmas Eve. A Texas prosecutor has said he plans to seek the death penalty for all of the captured escapees. Rivas also speaks about the new life he wanted to start, how he managed to evade authorities for so long and what his short taste of freedom was like.

As part of the interview, he describes a lucky motorist the group encountered. Freedom was so exhilarating for Rivas, he tells Bradley, that instead of becoming enraged, he merely laughed when a motorist cut off the escapees' vehicle. It was ironic, thought Rivas, that the driver had unwittingly offended the nation's most armed and dangerous fugitives.

Bradley also interviews convicted child abuser Randy Halprin, 29, another member of the escapees. Halprin has said publicly that Rivas was the leader of the group.