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Texas man allegedly lied about being robbed after spending tax refund on strippers, report says

Jesus Mata, of San Benito, Texas, is accused of lying to police about being robbed at gunpoint, because he was afraid to tell his wife he spent tax refund on strippers, report says KGBT

(CBS) LA FERIA, Texas - Jesus Mata, 21, of San Benito, Texas, is charged with filing a false report after allegedly lying to police about being robbed at gunpoint on Feb. 20, CBS affiliate KGBT reports.

According to Police Chief Don Garcia, Mata walked into their police department in tears claiming he was boxed in by the drivers of two trucks. He reportedly said the men pulled out guns and stole his money while he was on his way to pick up money from the game rooms he worked at, the station reports.

Garcia told the station that resources from neighboring police departments were called to help find the suspects, who Marta claimed were armed with assault rifles.

But police say as they continued to investigate Mata's claims, something didn't add up.

Mata was called back in for more questioning and that's when Garcia says he confessed to making up the story, the station reports.

Mata allegedly admitted to detectives that he spent over $1,000 dollars of his tax refund on lap dances and strippers at a local gentlemen's club. He said he feared his wife would be upset, so he fabricated the story about being robbed.