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Dubai police tease they will add Tesla's new Cybertruck to their fleet of cars in 2020

Tesla’s “bulletproof” truck window shatters
Tesla’s “bulletproof” truck window shat... 00:45

Tesla's new Cybertruck has gain widespread attention for its futuristic vibe and underwhelming unveiling – but one group appears to have been impressed by Elon Musk's latest invention. The Dubai Police Force teased that they will be adding the Cybertruck to their fleet of police cars.

The pickup truck was revealed last week by Musk himself. The Tesla CEO told the audience his new truck was "literally bulletproof"– but the car's "armor glass" windows shattered when design lead Franz Von Holzhausen threw a metal ball at them. 

While the demonstration didn't go as planned, the Dubai Police Force apparently still sees the value in the Cybertruck, tweeting an image of the truck emblazoned with their logo. "#CyberTruck Dubai Police - 2020," the force wrote on Tuesday, teasing that the department will adopt the truck next year.

Dubai is know to have swanky police cars, including a $550,000 Lamborghini added to the fleet in 2013. The force also owns Bugattis, Ferraris and most recently, Mercedes, according to CNET.

Like these other fast cars, the Cybertruck boasts speed – Musk claimed it can reach 60 mph in 2.9 seconds, before continuing through the quarter-mile marker in under 11 seconds. Three ranges will be offered, with "250+" miles at the low end and an astounding "500+" miles at the top.

Compared to other pickup trucks, the Cybertruck looks very different – boxy, metallic and grandiose. The truck is 231.7 inches long, 79.8 inches wide and 75.0 inches tall, with seating for six. 

For comparison, the Ford F-150, measures between 209 and 250 inches long, 80 and 86 inches wide and between 75 and 78.5 inches tall.

The interesting take on a pickup truck gained widespread media attention – and with the Dubai Police Force endorsement, it's only sparking more conversation online.

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