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Ten CEOs Who Need to Go in '09

  • 10 CEOs for the Corner of Shame.The Find: Lots of CEOs are struggling in this difficult economic climate, but these ten have outdone themselves in making things difficult for their companies and should be shown the door in 2009.
  • The Source: The yearly list of ten CEOs who should go from 24/7 Wall St.
The Takeaway: With the stock market performing miserably all around, a diving share price alone isn't enough evidence to convict a CEO of incompetence. So, this year, 24/7 Wall St. has set itself a more difficult task in picking its annual list of ten CEOs who should be shown the door in the coming year. The blog dives deeper to compile its annual list, looking at individual missteps and avoiding the temptation to stock the list with too many financial firms, home builders and the like - all of which are struggling in the current economy.

With seven of last's year's ten CEOs gone from their positions, 24/7 has a record of success that makes their predictions worth checking out both as a crystal ball and as an opportunity to learn what management missteps to avoid. So which companies are they predicting will get a new boss in the new year?

  1. Boston Scientific, now headed by James Tobin
  2. Citigroup, now headed by Vikram Pandit
  3. Dillard's, now headed by William Dillard II
  4. Eastman Kodak, , now headed by Antonio Perez
  5. General Motors, , now headed by Rick Wagoner
  6. Nortel Networks, now headed by Mike Zafirovski
  7. Rite Aid, now headed by Mary Sammons
  8. SanDisk, now headed by Dr. Eli Harari
  9. SIRIUS XM Radio, now headed by Mel Karmazin
  10. Sun Microsystems, now headed by Jonathan Schwartz
Check out the complete post for the rationale behind each selection, with a complete article devoted to each, and also check back next week if you're interested in who will be crowned CEO of the year.

The Question: Which CEOs do you think should get a crown this year and which a dunce cap?

(Image of virtual corner of shame by Liz_Link, CC 2.0)

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