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Tempers Flare On Set Of 'Grey's Anatomy'

McDreamy and Burke apparently almost got into a fist fight on Monday — and it wasn't over Meredith or Christina, or a surgery patient who rolled into the OR.

"Grey's Anatomy" stars Patrick Dempsey and Isaiah Washington (they play Dr. Shepherd and Dr. Burke respectively on the hit ABC series) got into an argument on the set of show, and it nearly came to blows, according to the New York Daily News.

The paper reports that while Dempsey and Washington were filming, they got into a fight about cast members being late for production.

After Dempsey and Washington had words, Washington reportedly fired a mean comment at costar T.R. Knight, which prompted Dempsey to say, "Pick on someone your own size," according to the National Enquirer.

A source told the Enquirer that Washington got angry and allegedly grabbed McDreamy by the throat and shoved him a few feet. But the Daily News' source says no punches were thrown, but rather "Isaiah said some disgusting things … I think Isaiah has issues."

The Daily News' source says that Washington may have some "underlying jealousy" over Dempsey's rise in popularity.

2"Differences are inevitable. They were aired, resolved, and everyone has moved on," Washington's publicist, Cynthia Snyder, said in a statement given to The ShowBuzz on Wednesday.

Washington told People magazine that the incident was less dramatic than reports had described.

"We were like two baseball players . . . nose to nose," Washington tells the magazine. "We had a difference of opinions while working on set but we've resolved it."

"Time and (keeping) the production going" was what started the fight, Washington told People. "The communication was lost in translation." Washington also says there was no brawl or face punching ("Our faces are too beautiful for that") and that later they were reading scripts next to one another.

Sources tell TV's "Entertainment Tonight" that the cast and crew will work over the weekend to make up for lost time due to the dispute.