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Teen flees Minn. pet store with pricey Yorkipoo puppy, chase ensues

ST. PAUL, Minnesota -- A St. Paul teenager is under arrest, accused of stealing an expensive puppy from a pet store, reports CBS Minnesota.

According to the station, it happened on Friday afternoon at Petland in the Sun Ray shopping center.

Vanessa Rojas, the store's owner, told the station that Isis Gladney, 18, shoved a Yorkipoo -- price, $2,000 -- in her purse and left.

Rojas said that Gladney had previously applied for a job there, so store managers knew where she lived, the station reported.

When she saw them outside her home, she led the managers on a chase down I-94. They eventually got her to stop and hand over the pup.

"He was completely lethargic. He had been in a purse, shaken up, hadn't had food or water for three hours. This is a baby," Rojas said. "They can't handle things like that."

Rojas says the puppy -- which they're now calling "Chase" -- is recovering, but still has a long way to go.

Meanwhile, Gladney is being held on suspicion of felony theft.