Technology 101

If you're concerned about understanding the new digital world your child lives in Kristin Appenbrink, associate editor for has the answers to your questions.

Concerned about 3-D movies being bad for your child's eyes, don't worry. They probably are not. But, parents should pay attention to any signs of discomfort after a 3-D viewing experience. Sit closer to the back of the theater since 3-D works by having your eyes fuse together several images. Sitting closer to the screen could cause more eye strain.

Your child's teacher or coach should not be your child's Facebook friend. Crossing that line allows for more casual conversation and opens the door for inappropriate communication. If the teacher or coach uses Facebook to post assignments or discuss practice, try suggesting an interactive platform such as or

It can be considered poor etiquette to allow your child to play with his Nintendo DS or iPhone at a nice restaurant. If you're eating at a restaurant where doodling on the place mat is allowed, playing games is ok too. Have the child play with the sound off. Games go away once the food arrives.

There isn't a conclusion as to if cell phones are bad for child's brain. Cell phone radiation could be harmful to the developing brains of children, but it could take decades for scientists to establish a connection. Until then, it's not a bad idea to have young children use a speaker or unlimited texting plan.

It is ok to write about your children on a blog, but with limits. Before posting consider if it's information you are comfortable sharing with a stranger. Don't provide full names of yourself or your child's. Limit school names and locations and don't post anything embarrassing to your children.

Don't worry if your child wants to start a blog. It's a great way to share accomplishments and exercise writing skills.

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Kristin Appenbrink