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Tech Law: RealNetworks DVD Copy Blocked, On2 Investors Say Google Price Low, More

A look at highlights of the past week in the high tech legal world: courts, regulation, and lawsuits.

RealNetworks barred from selling DVD copy app -- As part of a suit brought by major movie and television studios, a judge has issued a preliminary injunction against RealNetworks, preventing it from selling its DVD copy software, for the time being at least. [Source: TWICE]

On2 shareholders oppose Google acquisition -- Shareholders in On2 have taken to court, challenging that the $106.5 million price that Google is paying for the company is unfair. [Source: All Things Digital]

Nokia gets a patent win -- In the ongoing patent infringement suit by InterDigital, Nokia had some good news when the U.S. International Trade Commission preliminarily ruled in its favor. [Source: Engadget]

Psystar and Apple back at it -- Mac cloner Psystar got out of bankruptcy, which meant back into the thick of legal things in the suit that Apple brought against the company. Psystar quickly started deposing Apple executives -- and is even looking for the public to submit questions. And Does Steve Jobs get a doctor's note as an out? [Source: AppleInsider, CNET, ZDNet Between the Lines]

Another class action targets Apple and AT&T -- With so many class actions suits targeting them, you'd think that Apple and AT&T would start feeling unloved. The latest is over allegations that the two companies misrepresented MMS messaging support. [Source: InternetNews]

Gavel image via Flickr user Thomas Roche, CC 2.0.

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