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Tech Law: Nortel Liquidates, Judge Tosses Oracle Investor Suit, More

A look at highlights of the past week in the high tech legal world: courts, regulation, and lawsuits.

Nortel to liquidate -- Nortel has decided to liquidate, selling itself off in pieces, rather than try to emerge from bankruptcy. [Source: AP]

Judge tosses Oracle shareholder suit -- An eight-year-old lawsuit brought against Oracle for allegedly misleading investors about healthcare costs was sent packing. [Source: AP]

FCC checks exclusive phone deals -- The Federal Communications Commission whether exclusive deals between cell phone manufacturers and carriers are anticompetitive. [Source: AP]

Music lobbying group asks FCC for investigation -- A music lobbying group, musicFIRST, purportedly backed by the RIAA has asked the FCC to investigate radio stations that were allegedly boycotting musicians who backed the Performing Rights Act, which would have radio stations pay royalties to musicians who perform the music they play and not just the music labels who own the recordings. [Source: TechDirt, Baltimore Sun]

EMI sues Grooveshark -- Music label EMI is suing online music service Grooveshark, which provides payment-free music streaming, for copyright violation. [Source: AllThingsDigital]

Gavel image via Flickr user Thomas Roche, CC 2.0.

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