Taxi Driver To Donate Kidney To Customer

I used to think of myself as a generous person. If somebody drops a glove in an airport, assuming I'm not in a rush, I'll often pick it up for them. When I'm in a convenience store I'll usually leave a penny rather than take a penny. Or if somebody wants the shirt off my back, I'm always willing to sell it to them for a fair price.

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But this week I learned what it really means to be generous. In fact, I don't think I've met a more generous, empathetic man in all my life.

Friday, I get the pleasure of telling, and you get the pleasure of watching, the story of Tom Chappell. I just finished putting his story together and I've already watched it a dozen times myself. I may watch it a dozen more times before the broadcast on the Evening News with Katie Couric. I do that sometimes when a story really makes me feel good and Tom Chappell makes me feel good.

Tom lives in a trailer in Phoenix, Arizona. He squeaks out a living driving a cab for V.I.P. taxi. His story began a few months ago when a cranky woman got in his cab and immediately started scolding him for being late. Most cab driver's would have probably barked right back, but not Tom. Tom listened to her vent, found out the real reason she was so irritable, and eventually offered her his kidney. And no, I don't mean that metaphorically. He really offered her his kidney! Obviously, that gesture alone makes for a great story.

But this tale is just getting started. So please make an appointment to be a near a TV Friday so you can meet this remarkable cab driver. That's my tip for the day.

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    Steve Hartman

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