Taliban Figure Claims Pakistan Not U.S. Behind Drone Attacks on Militants

(Taliban Mujahideen South Waziristan)
The leader of the Taliban militants in South Waziristan said he had evidence implicating the Pakistani government in the drone attacks on militants in Waziristan. Mullah Nazir added that all "spies" caught by his men admitted to being employed by the Pakistani army, and the location-tracking SIMs that they use had been provided by Pakistan.

"The assertion that America is behind this and we are helpless is only meant to deceive the public. All these attacks that have happened and are still happening are the work of Pakistan," he said.

Nazir also claimed that the U.S. was on the verge of defeat in Afghanistan. His comments came in a videotaped interview produced by al Qaeda's media wing as Sahab and posted on a number of militant Islamist Internet forums.

Nazir appeared in the video dressed in a military top that he slipped over a traditional Pakistani outfit. Heavily armed guards surrounded him.

"God willing, it will be in no time, America shall tear apart...God willing, you will hear the good news of the conquest of Afghanistan very soon," he said.

He also promised Palestinians that the Taliban would come to their rescue once they're done fighting the U.S. forces in Afghanistan

"After America has been defeated, the Jews should consider their downfall in next to no time."

The 56-minute video appears to have been recorded around late January or early February 2009, since Nazir mentions it's only been days since U.S. President Barack Obama took office.

Nazir was not optimistic about President Obama would bring any change to U.S. policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

He also strongly criticized the bombings that target mosques and marketplaces in Pakistan and claimed that such attacks had been masterminded by the Pakistani intelligence service and not the militants.

In a strong pledge of allegiance, Nazir sent a special message to Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar and al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

"We want to say to them that we are your mujahedis and your soldiers. We await your orders...We give away our lives at your command and feel proud to obey you at all times," he said.

Recently, Mulla Nazir made reconciliation with the leader of the militant TTP group Baitullah Mehsud and both groups, joined by that of Gul Bahadur, announced that they were forming an alliance against coalition forces in Afghanistan.

Mehsud had strongly criticized Mullah Nazir in an interview with the Arab news network Al Jazeera last year and said he was no longer part of the Taliban after Nazir's South Waziristan militias collaborated with government forces to fight Uzbek fighters in Waziristan.