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Take Your Brainstorms and Group Collaboration Online

One common complaint at many businesses is that too much creative energies goes to waste. After all, everyone has great ideas, but most companies have relatively poor mechanisms for capturing, nurturing, and making use of them. One solution is to take brainstorming online, but traditional solutions like SharePoint aren't designed for collaboration. We need a smarter way to brainstorm online.

Try e-tipi on for size. E-tipi is an online idea management solution, in which users can submit ideas, vote on them, chat about them, and synthesize the results into actionable solutions.

The site is free. After registering, you get a dashboard view of all the ideas submitted, plus an individual user page for entering suggestions, voting, and communicating with other e-tipi users. You can invite any number of other users to the service, each of which gets their own page.

Ideas can also be tagged to make it easy to browse through lots of entries. You can attach documents, enter notes, and manage ideas (such as closing and deleting items).

The interface is a little wonky -- I had trouble figuring out how to add new ideas at first, for example. And it' not as flexible as some other collaboration tools I've told you about, such as WizeHive, which lets you actually delegate work based on online discussions. But it is an elegant alternative to sites like Kindling and Google Moderator, and worth investigating if you need a way to share ideas across your team.