Take two doses of cute and call me in the morning

(CBS News) We start this post off with a dedication to our furry feline audience. Do you have a troublesome human that doesn't like to go on walks? Well, we've got the solution to all of your problems with this adorable video. Cats everywhere should watch and learn how it's done. 

The video aptly entitled "How to walk your human" was posted by YouTube user ShortyTheCat2010 who writes:

For cats' eyes only! Keep your human healthy, happy and obedient with this 7-step guide to walking your human, instructed by Kodi the Kitten.

And because a double dose of cute can cure all that ails you on a Monday, we're throwing in another video below of a baby Eastern Box turtle named Peanut eating a raspberry by YouTube user PhiladelphiaTurtle. You're probably wondering if there's more to this video than just that.  Nope, that's really all there is to it.  But just watch and tell me it's not a total adorable overload.