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Take Organized, Actionable Meeting Minutes with This Simple Online Tool

The hardest part of any meeting -- for me, at least -- is finding the time to create coherent and organized minutes to send afterwards. And since I recently read John Kotter's A Sense of Urgency, I know that it's critical to do things like send meeting minutes right after the meeting is concluded. Thankfully, I just found a cool little Web app that makes this job a lot easier. is a simple Web service that lets you quickly and easily draft and share meeting minutes in a standard, logical format. The site is free and doesn't even require registration or log-in.

The minutes template tracks the attendees, minutes taker, and agenda items, which you can log as to-dos, info, ideas, and more. Each item can be assigned an owner and due date. There's also an optional section in which you can enter a description of the meeting or other details.

The site tracks all of your minutes, which you can later browse, forward, or print.

It's a simple site, with a singular goal -- but it does what it does very well, with a clean and simple interface. One complaint: It's not yet compatible with Internet Explorer, which could limit its use at many companies.

Photo courtesy Flickr user Joe Shlabotnik
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