Take a vicarious vacation with two epic travel videos

(CBS News) In high school and college I would save up during the year and go backpacking to exotic locales in the summer. Sadly, I haven't had the opportunity to continue doing it since entering the work force, but still get to experience it through the eyes of others with videos I come across on the Internet. So take a vicarious vacation with your blogger here starting with our video above that turns travel into a "formal" experience. Click play and you'll see what I mean...

The epic and fun trip entitled "Weirdly epic 30 day vacation wearing only TUXEDOS" was posted by YouTube user ikrimavisuals who writes about it:

30 days. 24 cities. 10 countries. 9 Tuxedos. 1 experience of a life time.
I quit my 4 year day job to follow my creative passions. 2 years later, I ended up traveling Europe with 8 best friends wearing only tuxedos.

I love the idea and really dig your style, ikrimavisuals! And we go from the quirky and conceptual to the stylistic and artistic with our next video below from Vimeo user Celesty Lee, who took a gap year to backpack from Europe to Asia over the course of "10 months, 14 countries, 40+ cities".

Two wonderful examples that show you can still see the world even if you lack the time and funds to actually take the trip yourself (though you should if you can, in my humble opinion).