Taco Brawl: Calif. restaurant captures wild melee on tape

A wild brawl was caught on tape and has gone viral on (credit:
California taco shop experiences wild brawl, video makes it way to Youtube
A wild brawl was caught on tape and has gone viral on

(CBS/KCAL) EASTVALE, Calif. - Fists were flying in a California taco shop after a group of five young men started beating on each other in what appeared to be a random brawl, in which the hits keep coming.

The surveillance video of the fight which occurred around 2 p.m. on January 5th at Tacos Del Rio in Eastvale made it to YouTube and has racked up over 92,000 hits.

The video, which is seen from three angles, shows the youths, two at the door of the restaurant and three inside, exchanging words before things turn violent.

The two kids at the door, one of whom was holding a small animal, start egging the other kids on before dropping the animal and getting in on the action themselves.

Horrified patrons of Tacos Del Rio run out, tables overturn, workers scream for the men to leave while calling for police...and while the fight only lasted about 45 seconds, there was more punching and kicking than during some MMA events, reports CBS affiliate KCAL.

The owner told KCAL that he is unsure how the security tape got released.