T.R. Knight rescues emaciated dog from side of highway

Former "Grey's Anatomy" star T.R. Knight has a new addition to the family: an adorable pooch named Traveler.

The actor rescued the dog when he was on his way to the Grand Canyon on Sunday; he said he saw "a little dog darting back and forth on the busy freeway."

Knight wrote that the pup was so "emaciated" that he could see the dog's ribs and hip bones. Traveler was also covered in ticks and fleas.

Knight took him to Canyon Pet Hospital in Flagstaff, Arizona, where he says staffers spent more than two hours removing hundreds of ticks from the dog's skin.

Unfortunately, Knight won't make it to the Grand Canyon this trip, but it seems like he thinks Traveler is worth it. The actor said Traveler is a "sweetheart (even when he is pooping all over me in the pet store)" and is ready for another adventure.

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