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Sync Multiple Outlook Accounts on Your Phone

Most of us have some minimal Outlook integration built into our smartphones, and sure, we're thankful for what little we have. But on my iPhone, there's no way to access POP messages I sent or received a month ago until I get back to my desk. What I wouldn't give for complete desktop/smartphone Outlook synchronization.

It turns out that I don't need to give very much -- just $10/year, in fact. OutlookReflex keeps your mobile device completely synchronized with all of your Outlook accounts. It has two parts; a mobile app that you need to install on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry, and a desktop program that syncs selected accounts and folders with the cloud.

Once you're configured, you can access Outlook on your phone no differently than if you were sitting at your desk. The app lets you view, reply, and forward mail, just as you'd expect. You can also view and forward attachments, search for old mail, with no time or date spam limitations. And because OutlookReflex is using the cloud as an intermediary, it's not eating up storage space on your phone. When you send messages, you can choose contacts from your phone's address book or make selections directly from your Outlook contacts.

OutlookReflex is a boon to anyone who spends their days soaking in Outlook messages and contacts. Want to check it out without investing $10? No problem -- there's a 30-day free trial as well.

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